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New Legislature Expected to Increase Already Absurd Wait list for Social Security Disability.

When Stephenie Hashmi of Lenexa, Kansas, was in her mid-20s, she had accomplished a deeply rooted dream: She was the charge nurse at one of Kansas City’s biggest escalated mind units. Be that as it may, even as she administered to patients, she understood something was off with her own wellbeing.

“I recall simply feeling tired and feeling wiped out and being in pain, and not knowing why my joints and body was aching,” Hashmi says.

Hashmi was diagnosed with systemic lupus, a sickness in which the body’s immune system assaults its own tissues and organs.

She’s had surgeries and medicines, yet now, at age 41, Hashmi is regularly disabled. She at long last needed to abandon her employment around 6 years prior, yet when she applied for Social Security disability benefits, she was denied.

“I just began wailing. Since I had an inclination that, in the event that they took a gander at my records or read these notes, without a doubt they would comprehend my circumstance,” Hashmi says.

Lisa Ekman, chief of government issues for the National Organization of Social Security Claimants Representatives, says Hashmi’s battle with the application procedure is not surprising.

“It is difficult to get disability benefits. It’s an exceptionally convoluted and troublesome process,” Ekman says.

At this moment, pretty much 45 percent of individuals who apply for Social Security disability advantages are acknowledged, and getting a hearing takes an average of about 600 days.

The Kansas City office’s normal hearing time is more like 500 days. However, its endorsement rate is slightly lower at 40 percent.

The overabundance began snowballing around 10 years prior, around the time Jason Fichtner ended up noticeably acting representative chief of the Social Security Administration.

He says that amid the Great Recession, many individuals who had disabilities submitted an application, however, weren’t really “unable” to work.

“However, they’re on the margin,” Fichtner says. “They can work, yet when the recessions occurred, those are the main individuals who have a tendency to lose their occupations, and after that, they apply for disability protection.”

There are presently more than a million people the nation over sitting tight for hearings. Contributing to the stress, the Social Security Administration’s Center working spending plan has contracted by 10 percent since 2010.

This spring, the office acquainted changes with battle misrepresentation and streamline the application procedure, including another extortion battling measure that expels the unique thought given to a man’s long-lasting specialist. Lisa Ekman says this wrong.

“Those progressions would now put the proof from a treating doctor on an indistinguishable weight from confirmation from a medicinal advisor utilized to do a one-time brief examination or a restorative expert they had done an audit of the paper record and may have never inspected the individual,” Ekman says.

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